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Smart Card – the future of business cards

Share your contact details, socials or almost anything in seconds.

Create your own custom business card that you can give out.. or not. By just swiping your card using a QR code you can transfer your contact details straight into someone’s phone in seconds. Plus instantly link to custom forms, file sharing, appointment setting, payments and more…

Share what you want ANYTIME like... Contact Details Book Appointment Files Portfolio Custom Forms Anything...


Using your phone camera, simply scan the QR Code on the Smart card and your contact details open straight onto the phone to save. You can then  simply click “Add to contacts”.

Whatever design you like. Again it’s your card so there are no restrictions. We can design whatever you like as long as there’s room for a QR code the rest is up to you. We can print on a variety of stocks and finishes, Business cards start from $129 for 100 cards.

Other companies doing smart cards often have their branding on the cards. Personally I think that’s a bit cheeky, so whilst I hope you like what we do, our branding is not on your card.

If you’ve ever been asked for a business card and thought “oh crap”, you’ve come to the right place. Once set up, you can keep your QR code in your photos on your phone so you never need to carry any business cards on you. Simply show anyone your QR code and you’ll be one of the cool kids. You’re welcome.

There are 2 main methods : QR Code or NFC Chip.

QR Code
The QR Code is printed on your business card to either give to someone or simply use to scan your details to their phone.  The QR code can also be used on other printing, emails etc.

NFC Chip
An NFC (Near Field Communication) is used on many things these days from making payments when you pay at the shops to tracking parcels. The NFC chip can be on stickers, cards, key tags almost anything. These chips are simply programmed with your contact information. Contact us for options on NFC chips.

Unlike just about all other systems, the details are stored on your own website, meaning you’re in control of that information and can update it at any time if required. There are many websites offering these new cards, but the information is stored on their site, so if they go out of business your information and cards will no longer work.

The best part is you can design the information page exactly how you like… it’s your website.

You can add all the usual information like phone, email, address/maps, website PLUS a logo or personal photo

One of my frustrations in recommending this technology was ongoing fees or subscriptions or not being in control of the information. Because it’s on your website, there are no subscriptions to worry about and you can update the information at any time. As long as your website is live, it will work.

No. Short and simple. Essentially the QR code is simply a link to a page on your website that contains your contact information. Nearly all modern phones can scan a QR code (Thanks Covid) and this links to your web page.
No special programs or apps are required.

When the person scans your new smart card, it takes them to a page on your website. This contains the options to download your contact info to their phone. The rest is up to you…  Clients we have done this for have added contact forms, share your details forms, buttons for: make a booking, get a quote, see portfolio, Get Directions and more. The details are limitless and can be changed or added at any time.

Whilst this New School technology is very popular, we also understand not everyone may want to put your details in their phone, this is why you can still hand your business cards out for those Old-Schoolers wanting to keep your card.

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A link can also be provided to this page – handy in the footer or contact page of your website!


One time set up plus design/printing of cards

One Time Set up on your Website $99

Set up includes: custom code, website page setup on your WordPress site, contact link download, custom designed to your branding
(Custom Forms and applications optional extra)

Extra Names on same website Set up $49 per extra name

Set up includes: custom code, website page setup on a WordPress site, contact link download, custom designed to your branding

Add QR Code to existing card design we have $0

Smart Card Printing from $129 per QTY 100

Cello One

Full colour 2 sides
Stock 360GSM
Celloglaze 1 side
QTY 100 $129
QTY 250 $149
QTY 500 $179

Turn your screen side on to view on a Mobile

QR Code sharingYesYes
Custom Business Cards with range of stocksNoYes
Links to payments, forms, downloads and moreSomeYes
Make BookingsNoYes
Fully change contact page as requiredNoYes
Details stored on your own site for better control and no ongoing feesNoYes
NO special software or external websites to rely onNoYes
Custom Form to capture client detailsNoYes
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