Most internet users will use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, to browse the web or lookup products and services online. 90% of these users will rarely look past the first page of the search results before clicking a link or refining their keyword search and searching again. So in other words if your website can not be found in these top search results, you may very well be losing potential sales and customers.

So if you are not coming up within the first few pages of the search results there is not much use in having your website. For your website to perform to its full potential we have a few simple steps that we follow:

Understanding – Firstly we need to understand what keywords you want to be found under. This involves finding out what you do, who you are, and what your expectations of our SEO service are.

Research – We then need to do some research, this includes, finding out the searches made within Australia for your keyword phrases, this includes refining the keywords until we find the best phrases for your business. We will also do research on your competitor, find out why your competitor may rank highly whilst you do not.

Implementation – Once we get approval from you, we will implement the SEO to your website, this involves many on-site and off-site techniques used to achieve the best ranking for your site.

– To see how your website is now ranking, we will supply you with reports, detailing how many visits your website is getting, which keywords they used to find your site, which search engine they came from, and also how long they were on your site for.

Improving – As search engines are always changing and improving the way they work, we also need to stay on top of it to, as we always want to see higher rankings for our clients.

We have Search Engine Optimisation packages starting from as little as $395. Contact us today for your free website audit (07) 3852 5544