You may think you need to be an SEO expert to help your website ranking well in Google, well I’ve got good news for you! There are many FREE ways for you to promote your website that will help your search engine rankings. Below is a list of FREE ways to promote your site.

You may need your ABN and contact details, a paragraph on what you offer and a 2 line summary.
You should also have a list of keywords that are related to what you offer.

Create a Google places for your business – This can get your google places link on the first page of google!

Create a true local page for your business, and get some reviews if you can.

Create Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, try and update at least 3 times a week, If you create them and never update them, not only will this not help your rankings, but if customers see a empty Facebook and Twiiter profile, they might think you are no longer in business. These 2 accounts can be linked so you just need to update the one and they both get updated.

Create a youtube account and upload some videos on there, testimonials, instruction videos, you working…

Add your business to the DLook database

Submit your business to the Local Business Guide database

Submit your business to the AussiePages database

Submit your business to the database

Submit your business to the StartLocal database

Submit your business to the Aussie Local database

RAYV people can review and leave comments about our business

List a FREE advert on gumtree for your services

Write some articles about your services and put a link to your website to help your rankings

List your website with yahoo local features

Start a blog, tumblr, blogger, wordpress all have free hosted blogs that you can use, and put a link to your blog on your website…and blog often at least 1 once a week… you can connect your blog to your facebook and twitter accounts so once you blog they update..

We know this list seems excessive, but all of these banklinks to your website are really going to help your rankings, so set aside 10 minutes a day for a week, and you will have some really powerful backlinks created that will really help your rankings.