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    Store Design

    • 96 professional store designs
    • W3C/XHTML compliant templates
    • Easily integrate your existing design
    • Edit templates in Dreamweaver
    • Drag and drop layout customization
    • Edit HTML and CSS in your browser
    • Edit HTML and CSS via FTP
    • Upload a logo or use the logo editor
    • Change website text using your mouse
    • Edit email templates from control panel
    • Works in all popular web browsers
    • Web-based control panel
    • Template comparison (diff) tool

    Search Engine Optimization

    • Recognized as #1 SEO-optimized solution
    • Redirect non WWW to WWW
    • Redirect WWW to non WWW
    • Optimized by company founders (SEO experts)
    • HTML easily parsed by search spiders
    • Edit robots.txt file in control panel
    • Free access to SEO training blog + videos
    • Correct use of robots.txt file
    • PageRank not passed to irrelevant pages
    • Setup your own 301 redirect links
    • Per-page optimization (title, META, etc)
    • Set default page title and META details
    • Set page title and META details per product
    • Set page title and META details per page
    • Set page title and META details per news post
    • Set page title and META details per category
    • Automatically generated HTML sitemap
    • XML sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
    • Proper use of H1…H6 tags
    • SEO friendly product links
    • SEO friendly category links
    • SEO friendly brand links
    • SEO friendly search links
    • SEO friendly page links
    • SEO friendly news links
    • Toggle SEO friendly links
    • W3C valid templates
    • Tableless store designs
    • Custom product image alt text
    • New SEO optimizations added regularly
    • Correct use of NOFOLLOW attribute
    • Lightweight HTML, separate from CSS
    • 100% HTML and CSS templates, no PHP
    • Full access to modify HTML & CSS

    Orders & Checkout

    • Single page checkout
    • Accept pre orders
    • Minimum and maximum order quantities
    • Shipping quote estimates
    • Guest checkout option
    • Refunds and store credits
    • Custom checkout form fields
    • Delivery/event dates
    • Shipping tracking numbers
    • Email order confirmation
    • Agree to terms before ordering
    • Add multiple items to cart
    • Create order shipments
    • Order messaging system
    • One click re-order
    • Take your store down for maintenance
    • Set a custom starting order number
    • Send order tracking link to customer automatically via email

    Products & Merchandising

    • Sell physical & digital products
    • Sell products with options (size, color, etc)
    • Minimum and maximum order quantities
    • Custom fields (i.e. text to print on a t-shirt)
    • Bulk discount quantity pricing
    • Gift wrapping options
    • “Catalog only” mode
    • Photo editing through
    • “Call for pricing” option
    • Create unlimited sub categories
    • Import products, images, variations, etc
    • Bulk export/re-import thousands of items
    • Export products for bulk update in Excel
    • Create and assign brands/manufacturers
    • Add products to unlimited categories
    • Per-product SKUs or custom codes
    • Per-option SKUs or custom codes
    • Fully WYSIWYG editor for description
    • Embed videos in product description
    • Per-product YouTube video gallery
    • Edit product description HTML directly
    • Cut/copy/paste support in WYSIWYG editor
    • Per-product gift wrapping
    • Live shipping quotes
    • Product reviews & comments
    • IntenseDebate comment/reviews integration
    • Disqus comment/reviews integration
    • Specify cost price and see profit reports
    • Enter retail price to show RRP
    • Enter sale price for sale events
    • Choose if a product is taxable or not
    • Disable purchasing on a per-product basis
    • Specify product weight for live shipping quotes
    • Enable free shipping on a per-product basis

    Variations & Product Options

    • Sell products such as apparel & computers
    • Setup unlimited options per product
    • Options don’t count towards product limit
    • Create a variation or set of product options
    • Assign the variation to multiple products
    • Add, subtract or set fixed price for each option
    • Add, subtract or set fixed weight for each option
    • Set a unique SKU for each product option
    • Set a unique image for each product option
    • Set stock on hand for each product option
    • Set low stock level for each option
    • Change the display order of product options
    • Add options without affecting existing products
    • Remove options without affecting products
    • Optionally track inventory per option
    • Filter options for quick updating
    • Bulk update option values per product
    • Paging when editing product options
    • Disable purchasing of specific options
    • Force options to be selected when buying
    • Re-order function preserves product options
    • Options displayed with order and on invoice

    Inventory & Stock Control

    • Per-product inventory levels
    • Per-option inventory levels
    • Inventory tracking can be disabled per product
    • Set low stock level warning for each product
    • Track inventory at a product or option level
    • Set current stock level per product option
    • Set low stock level per product option
    • Automatic inventory control
    • Low stock reminder indicators on dashboard
    • Detailed inventory report for all products
    • Disable purchasing when no stock
    • Bulk update inventory levels

    Configurable Fields

    • Great for collecting additional product info
    • Such as text to print on a t-shirt
    • Such as picture to print on a mug
    • Text, file and checkbox field types
    • Dropdown field types
    • Fields display on product page
    • Fields display on invoice
    • Limit file formats that can be uploaded
    • Fields shown along with order for processing
    • Create an unlimited number of fields
    • Optionally make some/all fields required

    Delivery/Event Dates

    • Sell tickets to events, concerts, etc
    • Sell flowers and other items with delivery dates
    • Limit date range for selection per product
    • Customize the name displayed for the date field
    • Filter orders by delivery/event date
    • Export orders by delivery/event date
    • Set number of tickets available for purchase
    • Delivery confirmation of purchase via email
    • Choosing a date can be required or optional
    • Date selected shown along with order details
    • Date selected shown on invoice

    Tax Rates & Settings

    • The most flexible tax system period
    • Full support for geographic tax zones
    • Multiple, stackable product classes
    • State-based tax zones
    • Country-based tax zones
    • Unlimited tax rates & zones
    • Prices inc/ex tax
    • Flat tax option
    • Tax rate display in store
    • Tax shown on invoices, etc
    • Flexible tax rules and flow
    • Sales tax report by date
    • Sell locally, nationally or internationally

    In-Store Merchandising

    • Full product catalog
    • Online checkout system
    • “Call for pricing” option
    • One click add to cart
    • Optimized usability
    • Product comparisons
    • Order status updates
    • Live order tracking
    • Email/print invoices
    • Customer address book
    • Private wish lists
    • Public wish lists
    • Order messaging system
    • Related products
    • Suggestive cart
    • “You may also like”…

    Business Intelligence Reports

    • 25+ performance reports
    • Daily conversion rate
    • Top 20 customers
    • Best selling products
    • Customer locations (Google maps)
    • Orders by item sold
    • Sales tax report by date
    • Orders by revenue
    • Popular products
    • Inventory report
    • Customers by date
    • Revenue per customer
    • Search keywords with results
    • Search keywords without results
    • Best performing keywords
    • Worst performing keywords
    • Search term corrections

    In-Store Search

    • Search suggest
    • “Did you mean?” suggestions
    • Related searches list
    • Advanced search options
    • Fiter by price
    • Filter by availability
    • Filter by free shipping
    • Search tips and advice
    • Shop by brand
    • Shop by price
    • Saved searches and views

    Images & Photos

    • Upload an unlimited number of photos
    • Add photos from your computer or a website
    • Automatically generated photo galleries
    • Photo thumbnails on product pages
    • SuperZoom TM instant photo zooming
    • Thumbnail photos created automatically
    • Upload dozens of images at once
    • Photo manager to organize photos
    • Open large images in a popup/lightbox window
    • Per-image alt text and description for SEO
    • Share photos between products
    • Dozens of customizable photo display settings

    Mobile Commerce

    • Browse & buy on all popular mobile devices
    • iPad-Native Shopping Experience
    • iPhone Optimized Mobile Experience
    • Android Optimized Mobile Experience
    • Palm Pre Optimized Mobile Experience
    • Blackberry Optimized Mobile Experience
    • Enable/disable mobile commerce per device
    • Complete HTML/CSS design customization

    Multi-Currency Support

    • Complete multi-currency support
    • Live, automatically updated exchange rates
    • Automatic visitor currency detection
    • Custom exchange rates if required
    • Set a currency as the default currency
    • Set per-currency symbol, decimal places, etc

    Shopping Comparison Engines

    • Direct point-and-click integration to 7 shopping comparison sites
    • Product export to Beso
    • Product export to BizRate
    • Product export to MySimon
    • Product export to NexTag
    • Product export to PriceGrabber
    • Product export to
    • Product export to Shopzilla

    Email Marketing

    • Advanced integration with MailChimp
    • Add newsletter subscribers to multiple MailChimp lists based on rules
    • Remove newsletter subscribers from multiple MailChimp based on rules
    • Add customers to multiple MailChimp lists based on rules
    • Remove customers from multiple MailChimp lists based on rules
    • Sync extensive customer data to MailChimp custom fields
    • Export filtered customer lists directly to MailChimp

    Social Media Marketing

    • Facebook “Like” buttons on product pages
    • Facebook OpenGraph META support
    • IntenseDebate comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
    • Disqus comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
    • Share products on 20+ social media sites via AddThis button

    Sell on eBay

    • Manage everything from BigCommerce
    • Push some/all products to eBay in 5 clicks
    • Create reusable eBay listing templates
    • Setup per-product auction or BIN listings
    • Custom shipping and taxes for eBay listings
    • Custom price variances for eBay listings
    • View live listings from BigCommerce
    • Automatic order creation in BigCommerce when auction is won or BIN is purchased
    • Fulfill eBay orders directly from BigCommerce
    • Filter orders to quickly find eBay orders
    • eBay auctions & BINs tied into store inventory
    • Automatic inventory reduction for orders
    • No limit on number of eBay listings
    • Per-staff permission for adding/editing listings

    Marketing & Promotions

    • Sell/auction products on eBay
    • Trackable coupon codes
    • Integration to 7 shopping comparison sites
    • Advanced integration with MailChimp
    • Coupon expiry date
    • Coupon limited uses
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Bulk discounts per product
    • Gift certificates
    • Online certificate use
    • Promotional banners
    • Discount rules system
    • Buy one get one free, etc
    • Free shipping over $x
    • $x on orders over $y
    • “Customers who viewed this product also viewed” panel
    • Newsletter subscriptions
    • Google Website Optimizer integration
    • Export to Google Base
    • Export products to CSV
    • Affiliate tracking system
    • RSS feeds
    • Google AdWords export
    • Yahoo Search Marketing export
    • Popular products list
    • New products list
    • Top sellers list
    • Quick search popup box
    • “Did you mean?” spelling
    • Integrates with any live chat software
    • LivePerson Express 30 day trial

    Google Website Optimizer

    • Improve conversion rates without guessing
    • Six storewide GWO tests to run:
      1. Single or multi page checkout
      2. Add to cart button image
      3. Home page promo banner
      4. Newsletter signup box
      5. Checkout button image
      6. Product page tabs on/off
    • Test on-page, per-product changes:
      1. Product name
      2. Product description
      3. Product image
    • Test on-page, per-category changes:
      1. Category name
      2. Category description
      3. Category image
    • Test on-page, per-web page changes:
      1. Page name
      2. Page description
    • Run multiple test at once
    • Change aggression level of winner
    • View reports in Google Website Optimizer
    • Disable tests from store’s control panel
    • Disable tests from Google Website Optimizer
    • Set winning variation after test completes
    • More GWO tests than all competitors

    Payments & Shipping

    • Accept credit cards online
    • Support for 50+ gateways
    • PayPal, Google Checkout, etc
    • Support for secure checkout
    • UPS, USPS, FedEx address label printing via Shipworks integration
    • Support for “offline” payments
    • COD, pay in store, cheque, etc
    • Take orders over the phone
    • Sell in multiple currencies
    • Real time conversion rate updates
    • Auto-detect location for currency
    • Real time shipping quotes
    • UPS, USPS, FedEx, Aus Post, etc
    • Define your own shipping rates
    • Limit shipping methods by country
    • Limit shipping methods by state
    • Limit shipping methods by zipcode
    • Various free shipping options
    • Add handling cost to orders

    Content Management System

    • Full CMS functionality
    • 100% browser based
    • Publish web pages
    • Display returns policies, etc
    • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
    • Page dropdown/pop out menus
    • SEO-friendly pages
    • Restrict to customer groups
    • Publish content from RSS
    • Contact forms on pages
    • Responses sent via email
    • Display page as home page
    • Re-assign products to another category when deleting categories
    • Recent news items
    • Treeview category management
    • Drag & drop category assignment
    • Banners and promotions

    Customers & Groups

    • Flexible customer groups
    • Wholesale/retail pricing
    • Per-group pricing
    • Per-group discounts
    • Set a default group for new customers
    • Move customers between groups
    • Category level discounts
    • Product level discounts
    • Storewide group discounts
    • Fallback discount level
    • Move customers between groups
    • Filter customers by group
    • Export customers by group
    • Create unlimited customer groups
    • Enter new customer details one-by-one
    • Import customers from CSV file

    Returns System (RMA)

    • Complete returns system
    • Offer refund, swap or store credit
    • Customizable return reasons
    • Customizable return actions
    • Can return specific items from an order
    • Status updates sent to customer via email
    • Returns requested from “My Account” page
    • Limit staff access to view/process returns
    • Disable returns if required
    • Receive email notification for new returns
    • Complete audit log of all return requests

    Import/Export Options

    • Bulk export/re-import thousands of items at once
    • Import existing products easily
    • Extremely flexible import system
    • Export products to CSV/XML
    • Two-way sync with Intuit Quickbooks
    • Order export to Shipworks
    • Export to MYOB, Peachtree
    • Two-way sync with StoneEdge
    • Export in custom formats


    • Add/edit your own DNS records
    • Choose orders per page in admin
    • Choose products per page in admin
    • Choose customers per page in admin
    • Minimum password strength indicator
    • Automatic admin logout after 15 minutes
    • Admin passwords hashed and salted