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Select the social networking account you wish to setup below

Setup A twitter account

1. Go to and fill out the details below, then press sign up

2. Choose a username, and then press “create my account”

3. You have now created a twitter page

Create a facebook business page

1. If you have a personal facebook page login, if you do not you will need to create a personal facebook page at

2. Once logged into your personal facebook page visit the following link

3. Complete the details on that page relevant to your business

4. Upload a image for your business page, most suited is your company logo

5. Invite some of your facebook friends to like your page, or import some contacts to like your page, make sure you like your page and press continue

6. Put some basic information in about your page

7. Your business page is now created, now its time to explore the page and add as much information as you can!


1. Go to and press create account (if you already have a google account, you can login using that)

2. Enter your email address, choose a password, select your location, enter your date of birth, enter the verification code, accept the terms, and press create my account

3. You have now created your youtube account!